Yuji Hamada

Gallery : PGI (Tokyo/Japan)

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1979. Graduated from the Department of Photography, Nihon University College of Art in 2003. After working at the publishing company as a photographer and studio assistant, he has worked as a freelance photographer since 2006.
He was selected as a budding photographer, Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Emerging Photographer Award in 2011 and 2013 during his stay in England, and exhibited at the world traveling exhibition.
He was featured at Foam Magazine, British Journal of Photography and IMA magazine. And his book “photograph” was nominated by Aperture / Paris Photo First Photo Book Award in 2014.


2015 "BRANCH" (lemon books/Japan)

2015 "C/M/Y" (Fw:photography/Netherland)

2014 "photograph" (lemon books/Japan)


Exhibition books and ZINEs

2017 "Broken Chord" (PGI/Japan)

2016 "36 lights" #01 (self/Japan)

2012 "Primal Mountain" (Dummy book/Netherland) in FOAM magazine DUMMY Issue


Solo Exhibition

2018 "R G B" (PGI/Tookyo/Japan)

2017 "Broken Chord" (PGI/Tookyo/Japan)

2016 "WIR" (BWA/Wroclaw/Poland)

2016 "photograph" "Primal Mountain" (GALLERIE f5.6/Munich/Germany)

2016 "36 lights" (ROCKET/Tokyo/Japan)

2015 "C/M/Y" (PGl/Tokyo/Japan)

2014 "C/M/Y" (limart POST/Tokyo/Japan)

2014 "photograph" (limart POST/Tokyo/Japan)

2013 Pulsar+Primal Mountain (PGI/Tokyo/Japan)

2005 unknown (digmeout Gallery/Osaka/Japan)


Selected Group Exhibition/Group Exhibition

2017 "C/M/Y" (Muse Yozo Hamaguchi/Tokyo/Japan)

2016 "untitled" with Nerhol (SEZON ART GALLERY/Tokyo/Japan)

2016 "photograph" The Sun Placed in the Abyss (COLUMBUS MUSEUM/Ohio/US)

2015 "photograph" "BRANCH" at "KISEKI" (Takashimaya Gallery/Tokyo/Japan)

2015 "BRANCH" from Crossing View (Le Manoir de la Ville de Martigny/Sion/Swiss)

2015 "BRANCH" (limart POST/Tokyo/Japan)

2015 "Primal Mountain" at Aix an province Photo Festival (Aix/France)

2015 'Self Publish, Be Happy: A DIY Photobook Manual and Manifesto (SPBH and Aperture/NY/US)

2015 "photograph" at Four From Japan (Conde Nast Gallery/NY/US)

2014 "Primal Mountain" installation (Festival Images/Vevey/Swiss)

2014 "Primal Mountain" in Anima on photography, Japan (Unseen Photo Festival/Netherland)

2014 "C/M/Y" (IMA concept store/Tokyo)

2013 TOKYO 2020 (Paris and Tokyo)

2013 Slide Show japanese photographers(Unseen photo festival/Amsterdam/Nertherland)

2013 "Primal Mountain" in group show"Geografica" (FOTOTROPIA/Guatemala)

2013 The Magenta Foundation,Flash Forward Festival 2013 Emerging Photographer

2012 Dummy Photobook Award(Unseen photo festival/Amsterdam/Netherland)

2012 PREMIO COMBAT 2012(Museo Civio G.Fattori ex Granai di villa Mimbelli/Livorno/Italy)

2012 "DEAR"#1_Vision MAP(q17 studios/Madrid/Spain)

2012 The Magenta Foundation,Flash Forward Festival 2011 Emerging Photographers (Fairmont Battery Wharfn/Boston/US)

2012 SNAP!2012 exhibition and live auction (Canadafs National Ballet School/Toronto/Canada)

2011 The Magenta Foundation,Flash Forward Festival 2011 Emerging Photographers (Airship 37 in the Distillery District/Tront/Canada)Nov,9th

2005 Flow (Art Beat Kyoto Festival/Kyoto/Japan)

2004 Flow#4Directions (Gallery PUNCTUM/Tokyo/Japan)

2003 Blink (MIO Photo Award Exbition/Osaka/Japan)



2014 Aperture/Paris Photo First Photobook award "photograph" (US/FR)

2013 Winner UK,The Magenta Foundation,Flash Forward 2013 Emerging Photographer (CANADA/UK/US)

2011 Winner UK, The Magenta Foundation,Flash Forward 2011 Emerging Photographer (CANADA/UK/US)

2011 Finalist,TOKYO FRONTLINE Contemporary Photography Award (Tokyo/Japan)