R G B (2018)

“I can still recall watching resplendent white light reflect off the local pool as a child. Back then I didn’t understand that the white was actually a blend of reds, greens and blues. Even as an adult I’m amazed at the makeup of light and shadow. Our brains filter out all kinds of information when we look at things. Light and shadow are usually only processed on a subconscious level. I wanted to see how various kinds of film render seemingly universal elements that we all take for granted. To accomplish this I limited myself to working only with natural light and printing under set conditions. The results are abstractions, and I think that their beauty lies in that lack of substance.”


Yuji Hamada



R G B is the follow-up to C/M/Y, Yuji Hamada’s first celebration of color and light. This time he’s chosen to focus on the three colors that make up light itself. In order to bring out the natural grain and colors of various film stocks, Hamada took multiple exposures of shadows projected through Red, Green and Blue filters onto a white background.


The project is also a meditation on the role of photography as a means of documentation. Hamada stocked up on every color film currently on the market and strove to bring out the full potential of each stock’s inherit color and grain structures, adhering to special conditions while shooting and in the darkroom. The names of the film stocks used in each image appear in their titles, not unlike a scientific study of modern films. The work exists as both Hamada’s art and as a historical document of sorts.


Unlike much of photography, where the subject matter is the theme, Hamada’s atypical process invites the viewer to abandon their preconceptions of form and experience color at face value. Using multiple exposures to layer shadows he’s created abstract, airy images without any apparent motif, allowing the viewer to appreciate the “beauty of the unseen.”




“R G B”(2018)








濱田祐史  2018.7.20


本作「R G B」は「C/M/Y」に続き、色と光を考察する作品の第二弾となり、光の三原色をテーマに据えています。フィルムに露光された色と粒子そのものを見たい、という思いから、白をバックに影を被写体として、R(赤)G(緑)B(青)のフィルターを使用し、多重露光で撮影しています。