“Broken Chord”

I don't believe that life’s important things are always found in historical locations or symbolic landmarks. In fact they're often found in common places we've come to take for granted.

In September of 2016 I spent a month in the Polish city of Wrocław. Poland's borders have shifted many times throughout the country’s past and Wrocław was once a part of Germany. A few days into my stay I began to notice layers of new posters pasted over old ones and the patchwork walls of German brick buildings which had been repaired many times over with a variety of materials and colors. To me these came to represent the passage of time and the memories of the city itself.

Riding the bus through the city I'd drift in and out of consciousness. Likewise, my perception of time and space would come and go like light glistening in rippled water. Propelled by a series of overlapping coincidences and equipped with black and white film, I began photographing a succession of towns and national borders.

After I’d finished shooting, I decided that adding my own memories of the city to the mix would be key in producing the series. In addition to my usual printing process, I also made double exposed prints using two enlargers at once. In doing so I’ve created a series of photographs that come together to form new layers by intermingling ‘the complex simplicity of the layered’ and ‘the simple complexity of the unlayered.’

Yuji Hamada

Translated by Dan Szpara


“Broken Chord”






2017. 4月