"BRANCH " (2015)

On March 18th, 2015, I climbed a mountain called vallon de la Tie`che, 30 minutes away by car from Crans-Montana, Switzerland, where I stayed. The owner of the house asked me if I wanted to come with her for a hike on a hill. Since I thought it was just a hike, I was casually dressed; but when we arrived at the destination, she handed me snow shoes and ski poles. It was not a hill I thought of; it was a snowy
mountain. In the region of the Canton of Valais, the mountain ranges run on both sides of a river. While climbing I could see Mont Blanc on the other side. Not sure if it was off season or it was just a conscience, but there were no one around us.

The atmosphere was tranquil. I could hear my breathing and subtle tremors of the air. While walking towards the summit, I noticed sporadic tree branches fell on the snowy ground. They were half buried under the snow, and the visible parts of the branched indicated invisible parts underneath; together, they created abstract pattern that cannot be made with intention. It felt more like the patterns of thunderbolts, or unintentional doodles.

Mundane things such as branches and snow also were constantly influenced by sunlight, wind, water and gravity -all of which were the elements that could be found anywhere on earth. I contemplated on such ubiquitous matters for a while; I imagined everything becoming a part of the order thatconstructed the world.

There is a Japanese saying that goes: you are not looking at the forest when you are looking at a tree. While on the snowy mountain in Switzerland, I saw tree branches, and felt the cycle of forest life.

Yuji Hamada
11th September, 2015

translated by Futoshi Miyagi


“BRANCH” (2015)

2015年3月18日。スイス,クランモンタナの滞在先の家から車で30分程行ったヴァロン・ド・ ラ・チェーチェ(vallon de la Tie`che)という山に登った。
家主の方にちょっと裏山に登りませんか?と誘っていただき,私は甘く見て軽装で出かけた。 すると,着いた先でスノーシューとストックを渡された。そこは私の思う裏山とは違い,所謂雪山であった。ヴァレー州のそのあたりは川を挟んでたくさんの山が連なっていて,登山している最中にも向かいの山の一つにモンブランを見ることができた。その日は偶然なのかオフシー ズンなのか全く人がいなかった。

そこがとても静寂に満ちていたからなのか空気の振動と自分の呼吸が聞こえてきた。山頂に 向かう道中,雪の上にぽつりぽつりと”枝”が落ちているのが目に入った。枝は雪の中に少し沈 み,見える部分と見えない部分を露わにしていて,その自然から生み出された抽象的なパター ンはまるで落雷の稲光や落書きのようにも見えた。

枝と雪,これらの小さな要素から太陽から注がれてくる光,風,水や重力を想像し,私はこの世 界のどこにでもありえる事物について思いを巡らせる。そして,すべての事物が避け難くも 担っている秩序の中に存在しているように思えてくる。